Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shit Happens

Fucked up, im so damn fucked up now. you know, everything annoyed me today :/
1. i had ordered the wrong birthday cake, which looks really CHILDISH and its so sucks that i cant have my own designed cake that i want
2. MY VERY BEST FRIEND hated me (i think) i wont write the reason why, because its very shameful and yet me, myself, still couldn't believe that they might say that to me. buttt, 
i still love them
3. i canceled meeting up with him because i had to practice my band.
but all of all, the #2 is the MAIN reason why i had shit day today.

and you know, i cried because i just can't get mad at them. its so suck that i cant even
get mad at everyonei just cant. i mean like,i was not able to get anger at people :( and
that is the saddest part all i can do is CRY

pictures is from tumblr

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