Saturday, July 9, 2011

tip tapping the keyboard

♪ tonight, tonight. there's a party in the roof top,top of the world.tonight, tonight and we're dancing in the edge like the Hollywood sign ♪ auchhh. hello theree! felling good? i hope you are. what a day! had just went to Christoper's birthday treat :) hohoho. it's so fun, i'm lol-ing there. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. kindda bored night toooo
HOH.look at that sleepy face of mine :< yesss, i've been staying up late at night like for a month. and hello black circle D: 
Fyi, i'm so addicted with sketching some dresses,idk why but it suddenly pop me up to draw some dreses -.- here's one of em :


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