Thursday, July 21, 2011

Together, We Cry

i hate farewell, i always will. the fact my beloved friend 'andrean siawinata' is leaving the town tomorrow and going to school overseas. idk why, but my tears flowed fast as he left the car and looked at us with his trademark smile. all of all, he's my best mate. he always give me good advices about everything that i'd asked him. its so hard to say goodbye. we hate goodbyes. I hope he can be successful there and will always remember us, formedos. 
this is him, the black t-shirted

Our togetherness :')

crying isn't enough :b look at our face! we look like monster nengboo!

See you soon nengboo :)
you will always be our BEST MATE!
remember! N E N G B O! the song that we've created for youuuu
we love you, always!

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