Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hold My Hand

is now at the Heritage City. yea, skipping school.which is quite fun :b so i bring my laptop to just be an alternative tool so that if whenever i'm bored i can play with it. blablablaaaa. so! its fun here, staying at Hard
Rock hotel which is rocks like what it has named. Lol. They got beach and a very nice and wide swimming
pool with slides too! For young people, you should stay here, it might be fun plus, bring your folks too!
Went to the Butterfly Garden and its fun there. i never thought catching butterflies is a fun thing to do but 
honestly, if you had try once and you failed, you might get addicted and keep trying to catch one. lol
here, photos :

i finally caught one! 

bought this mentos
took years to upload these shots-.-
It's 10:06 here
goodnight i guess?

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