Tuesday, September 6, 2011

With a Smile

Hello there ! its been 10days + since i blogged the last time. yeaaaa, just went back from my long trip to Korea.
i actually got so many things to say and tell. It's a very clean and still a traditional city i may say. its fun there but all of all, i LOVE the WINTER SONATA'S shooting place in the namii island. wahh, its so beautiful there. but the rest of the trip, isssss..yeaa, okay lahh. the food was okay the people were quite unfriendly but i met some korean girls at the namii island. its pretty cool to acquainted with new people from outside.and i learned something new from this trip that 99of Korean people did plastic surgery in the face nor body. fun tripp. 
try to upload some photos here but it took like 1233249239423years to finish.lol
i guess you can find them out at my facebook account.
time to sleep!
should go to school tomorrow,craps

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