Friday, December 30, 2011

Old & New

I still barely believe that 2011 is going to end this soon. time do flies so fast faster then rocket (?) but this year were unbelievable. Starts from meeting the person that i tried to forget, jealousy, heartbreak, new friends, the day that 'Formed' has been formed, being in a relationship, met Justin Bieber!, fights, being in love, laughters, unexpected incident, failing diet, met his family, been to winter sonata, moved house, try to sell cupcakes at the bazaar, partys, being so angry, arguments, goodbyes, and sooooooooooooooooooooooo much more. they're still playing on my mind. 2011 were just incredibly amazing. So memorable. i've learnt so much this year. and i just love it rather its a good or bad things. showed me how people see life which is quite difficult, how to deal with people, understandings and stuff. this was the year i made a bucketlist, and checked off 11/15 things on that list. and also i forgot about the list half way through the year. hehehe. 

New years Resolution 
- Gets better in positive way
- Lose weight 
- Mature
- Done something great to make parents proud
- Meet Justin Bieber and take photo
- Good Grades
- Save Money

People who has means so much and made my years.


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