Monday, January 2, 2012

Ride Starts Here

One Word. TIRED. just got back to hotel from Universal studio and Vivo City. mannnn, i had to admit that this city, is filled with lots and lots of people and i met tons of Indonesians here.
Tried the new rides at Universal and it was a w e s o m e zzzz!!! you should try
 Transformer 3D
Roller Coaster ( Human & Cyclone )
p.s ! human is good, enjoyable and fun
Cyclone ? well, if you think you hv done enough sins, you may try, bcs this ride is extremely lunatic and insane. but try! its fun though :b
i look like a games reporter eh?
 This is what most people do and took when they were at the universal studio. lol

 The Madagascar crew. 
Try this popcorn if you visit universal. this popcorn taste GOODDDD!!!!!!

Last night at singapore, a little bit exited but a little sad. i haven't hv enough time to spend at the mall :( 
Shutting down 

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