Friday, February 17, 2012

Look at the Night World

Let me just continue. So my day seems to be much better yesterday. Someone just absolutely made my entire day became more brighter than it was *knock on wood. Since i had homesick yesterday, he came to visit me and brought me a bowl of porridge. and i spend the rest of my day with him. it was awesome and just fine.
Pretty much the same as today. we were just chillin together,joking around and get along. haaaa .. i wish life will always be this way. I've got so many thoughts on my head right now. you know, midnights were just the best time for us to think and be curious. do you? i am. To just think about what did we do today, and well, whatever things that appear to your mind or brain or heart or whtever.

one mins to 12! better get this post posted. 
se yah!

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