Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Notice the Little Thing

Little Great feeling that we kept when we did something small that we don't notice,like

  • Accidentally downloaded a random song and its a good one
  • Talking with little children and they liked talking to you
  • Brushed a perfect nail polish
  • Testing on our new clothes and it fits us perfectly
  • Ate something healthy and delicious
  • Take shoots and found new poses.
  • Listening to the music while hairdrying our hair, sing along and that feeling when you got the lyric exactly right.
  • Surfing the internet realizing that you had no homework tomorrow
  • Succeeded to follow the 'rap' part of a song perfectly.
  • In a bad mood but suddenly someone you love put up status for you
  • When you're sleepy and the weather suddenly turns to grey and you're lying at your bed
  • To finally post something useful to your blog!
That's all i can think of now :> so what's new? nope nothing. I felt like a ... giant now. just ate my dinner and i am terribly full -.- i hoped i won't get any stomach attack today, my stomach aren't so friendly with me these days. I think it (?) hates me so much. Currently is focusing on my dancing stuffs and you know, assignments. i hate to admit but i had to. 

TWO DAYS to Justin Bieber's day. to be honest, i could do nothing accept for ... what? pray i guess. HAHA! 

This was taken on Sunday. i know right. say a command.


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