Monday, April 16, 2012

Boarding Pass

i felt 'So Titanic' this month. i probably watched titanic trice and yesterday, i accidentally opened a tv channel and it was showing this Titanic part 2 - part 4 scene and it catches my attention, so i end up staying at the hotel while my mom and sister went to i don't know where. This movie was showing about one waiter (titanic waiter) falls in love with this female waiter,and not a surprise, at the end the ship sank, different from Jack and Rose,both of them actually survived. Its a quite interesting movie to watch though,the thing is, i just found out that they actually made a movie about the titanic besides Jack and Rose's version. And,i went to the titanic exhibition couple days ago,and it was crowd like crazy, i assume that singapore is like the city of que-ing.its true bcs everything you wanted to do there, shd starts with QUE,everything. spend 3 days at singapore and it wasn't 'that fun' actually, i probably gained some weight T.T and i am dying.

gonna post somemore on facebook!

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