Monday, April 30, 2012


Since i had a very very very bad weekends, i didn't really post anything to my blog here. i don't know how and why it happen though. well that's not important. skipping school because .. well, i've got lots and lots of assignment to do. So, i've got goals to do this may like 
1. Focused on Study ( for real)
2. Save money
3. Lose 2kgs 
4. Stop having trouble 
5. Avoid snacks and shopping
6. Have a haircut SOOOOOOON
that's all, i seem to be like lazy cat these days, i don't know. my mood changes like bloddy fast with no reason. So looking forward to have a good life cause i am dying, dying dudeeeeee i need to go somewhere to refresh everything.

cya! xx,Nikita

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