Monday, October 22, 2012

How Long has it been?

i hate myself for being lazy

so uhmazing moments just happen to me lately, believe it or not, i am a kpop-ers now. i got the chance to see the bigbang concert at jakarta which was a dream came true. i couldn't stand not to scream and they are seriously,no joking. awesome+++ best thing that happen to me among this october. i never liked october though,i had no reason for hating em but i just do. bad days happen to me so often but well,that's what life was and is. and today, is another one bitterday.
So it was the literature time,which you know its monday morning and who likes monday morning? so the face of the students there we like a flat platform haha then the teacher came and asks for the story that he asked us to read days before. then none of us read it,actually we did but its not the number of pages that he had asked for. so he just screamed at us and it scared the crap out of me. for no reason, i cried and what's worse is i couldn't stop crying. and it was awkward, really. because the teacher kept scolding at us and i am sobbing like a little cat and my friend were like looking at me & freeze. it were just bad though.
speaking of school, we had this tons of works to do,coursework ( as it called ) i was dying and that's the reason why i couldn't read this "FastingFeasting" novel that has put me to that random falling tears moment.


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