Monday, January 28, 2013


The trip to Bangkok has such a horrible memories for me,well at least i am alive right now. So how's life there readers? i had been having a terrible start for this 2013. ( oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO Y'ALL <3! ) idk where to start, i had to write my new year's solution and post some of the unposted picture that i took during the terrible bkk trip. So let me began with the belated New year's wishes

1. Make sure that i had good grades on my GCSE test and planned a perfect future afterwards.
2. Keep my head straight up and mind open in every problem that i am facing.
3. Went to a themepark & ride 'every' extreme rides <- this one has to be done.i miss testing my adrenaline
4. Planned a perfect birthday surprise for my boyfriend
5. Celebrate my 17th birthday with something special like ...........

     well the last wish cannot be completed because i don't really want to plan about how my sweet 17th birthday will go. the reason is because i wanted everything to happen naturally, and i love surprises. so just to hv something to write on my birthday ( later on ) starting with the word ' my 17th birthday was like .... '

so that's what happened lately. and this guy ^ was a hottieeeeee aw sarangae <33


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